I live in Brooklyn, NY, and I’m a jargon translator, which is another way of saying I help explain science for Annual Reviews. I used to host the Conversations audio series, interviewing scientists at the top of their field, also for Annual Reviews. Whilst in San Francisco, I was the founding editor-in-chief at Evening Edition. That was after six years at Bloomberg News in London, where I started as a TV producer covering European markets, then as a print reporter covering sovereign debt and currencies.

A science-, markets-, politics-obsessed producer, writer and editor, I’m on a mission to make knowledge accessible and usable. The more of us understand what’s happening, the better off we’ll all be.

I’ve never lived more than 6 years in one place, so I’m the eternal new kid, and I still milk this status to ask every possible question. I speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English at native level. I can also swear in Italian, which is more useful than you might think. French Colombian on paper, yet I still think of London as home. Not that any of this matters in New York City, where I’m just another exile.