Anna lives in Brooklyn, NY, and destroys jargon to help explain science for Annual Reviews. She also hosts the Conversations audio series, interviewing scientists at the top of their field. Whilst in San Francisco, she was the founding editor-in-chief at Evening Edition. That was after six years at Bloomberg News in London, where she started as a TV producer covering European markets, then as a print reporter covering sovereign debt and currencies.

A science-, markets-, politics-obsessed producer, writer and editor, she’s on a mission to make knowledge accessible, because the more of us understand what’s happening, the better off we’ll all be.

Anna’s also your resident TCK. Eternal “new kid” and still using this status to ask every possible question. Fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English, and can swear in Italian, too. Green card-holding French Colombian, but if you ask her where she’s from, her answer will invariably be “Erm…” Not that any of this matters in New York City, where she’s just one of many exiles.